ADT Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions you may, or may not have, regarding ADT.

Why should I install ADT monitored home security system in my home or business ?

Research done and compiled by the National Burglar and Fire Association (2000) shows that 90% of all convicted burglars stated that they would avoid a home (or business) that had an alarm system installed.

The US Dept. of Justice says that an alarm system makes your property 3 times less likely to be burglarized.

How much does it cost to install an ADT monitored alarm system ?

The Essential & Premium packages will set you back $99, whilst the Cell Primary & Expanded packages will cost $199. Therefore, the ADT monitored home security installation fees will not set you back more than $200. Home security doesn't have to cost too much.

What are the benefits of having an ADT monitored security system installed ?

Simple: increased protection from unwanted intruders. An ADT monitored home security system is on 24/7, helping to provide round-the-clock protection for you and your family.

Having an ADT monitored system may help save you money. How ? By sending you a certificate which you then give to your insurance company, allowing you to possibly save up to 20% off your insurance.

What packages do you have ?

Protect Your Home has 4 different packages that can be installed in your home; Essential, Premium, Cell Primary, and Expanded.

Visit the packages page for more info.

So then, what is the monthly ADT monitoring cost ?

The cheapest package will set you back around $1 a day, that is $36.99/mo. The most expensive one goes for $47.99/mo.

Or, call 1-877-476-8043 with Promo 35839. (When prompted, PRESS 1)

How long until my ADT-monitored system is installed ?

Normally, you can get your system installed within 24 hours from ordering. You get to choose which day is most suitable for you to have the installer come and get you all set.

I've heard of a wireless system. What are the advantages of having this installed ?

Less drilling is involved when it comes to an ADT-monitored wireless system. The traditional system requires drilling up to 10 wires all around your home.

What comes with the ADT monitored alarm systems anyway ? What are the components ?

Here's what you get;

  • High-decibel siren, Hostage Code, Door Chime 
  • Panic buttons: Police, Emergency, and Fire    
  • 1 Back-up battery 
  • 1 Keyfob 
  • 3 Wireless window or door sensors 
  • 1 Pet-immune sensor 
  • 1 Custom LCD-lit keypad 

I was just about to ask.....will my pet trigger the alarm ?

Not unless your pet weighs more than 60 lbs ! The intelligent system knows the difference between a human being and an animal by the way heat is emitted between the two.

But my pet is over 60 lbs....?!

No problem. The Protect Your Home  installers can have a system installed that will detect a pet that weighs up to 60 lbs.

Or, call 1-877-476-8043 with Promo 35839. (When prompted, PRESS 1)

How many monitoring centers does ADT have ?

There are 4 centers located throughout the United States, more than any other ! ADT's call centers are located in NY, FL, TX, and TN.

I don't live anywhere near any of those states....

Makes no difference. Signals are sent electronically throughout the US. The presence of several monitoring centers assures efficiency, in case one experiences any technical glitches of any type.

So, what happens when the alarm is triggered ?

Depending on how your system is set up, either one of the following things will take place; a high-decibel alarm will sound, or a silent alarm is sent to your ADT monitoring station. Once your monitoring station is notified, a dispatcher is alerted to a possible emergency at your home. Next, the dispatcher will contact you to verify whether it's a real emergency or a false alarm. Once contact has been established, they'll attempt to determine what's going on. If it is a false alarm, the dispatcher will cancel the alarm. If there is indeed an emergency, the dispatcher will contact your local authorities.

The ADT monitored system is so intelligent that it will know exactly which window, door, or motion sensor has been triggered. What happens next is the dispatcher will notify appropriate local authorities on your behalf, stating your name & address, as well as the exact location of the intrution, if any.

Can ADT really help keep a burglar at bay ?

You may have seen this sign around numerous properties nationwide.

ADT yard sign.

This, believe it or not, is a major deterrent to a potential bulglary.

Got any questions concerning ADT Monitoring ?

Call 1-877-476-8043 with Promo 35839 and a Protect Your Home representative will assist you. (When prompted, PRESS 1)

Please explain the ADT Monitored 2-Way Voice feature ? 

This allows you to communicate freely (hands-free) with an ADT representative. The control panel acts like an intercom, and it has a very powerful microphone that can pick up your voice from almost anywhere on your property (up to 75 ft away) ! This feature allows you to communicate in the event that you are injured and can't make it all the way to the control panel.

If I choose to install an ADT monitored home security system, exactly what areas of my property will be protected ?

Both the perimeter and the interior are protected.

Even in the unlikely event that an intruder gains entry into your property, the system will immediately detect the heat emitted from his/her body and notify ADT's monitoring centers, whereby action will be taken by notifying the authorities.

What are the ADT guarantees ?

Every ADT monitored security system comes with the following guarantees┬╣.

  • Money-back Guarantee. 
    • ADT will endeavor to ensure that your system works as advertised, and in the event that it doesn't, and ADT fails to resolve whatever issue you may have, ADT will refund the installation/monitoring fees within the first 6-month period (certain restrictions apply) 
  • Theft Protection Guarantee. 
    • In the unlikely event that your property gets broken into (while the system is armed), you shall be paid up to $500 of your insurance deductible, if you meet certain required criteria (certain restrictions apply) 
  • Mover's Security Guarantee. 
    • You get a new security system installed if you move after 2 years. (Certain restrictions apply).

Ready to get an ADT monitored home security system installed on your property ?

Call 1-877-476-8043 with Promo 35839. (When prompted, PRESS 1)

I hear you can help protect against Fires ?

Yes, that is true. Call 1-877-476-8043 with Promo 35839 to speak with a Protect Your Home representative. You can also visit the ADT Monitored Security Benefits page for more info.

Do you offer protection for businesses as well ?

Yes, of course. Visit the ADT monitored business solutions page, or call 1-877-476-8043. (When prompted, PRESS 1)

Does a dog make you safer, and are dogs good for home security ?

To some extent, yes. However, a home security system could be better because of the quick response to the relevant authorities, in the event your alarm is triggered by an intruder.

Are there any reviews I can see ?

Sure ! Check out the ADT wireless home security reviews.

Do you have home security cameras with motion detectors ?

Yes, in fact, in 2013 introduced new video motion sensor technology. Call 1-877-476-8043 to speak to a representative who can provide you with additional information regarding this.

I'm a senior citizen, and I'd like to order ADT monitoring for my home. Do you have any offers for people like myself ?

Of course. ADT caters for everybody. Take a look at our ADT monitored home security for the elderly page.

I'd like to order. How do I go about it ?

The telephone number is 1-877-476-8043. (When prompted, PRESS 1)


┬╣Restrictions apply.

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