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ADT can also help protect you in Idaho.

Just as with the majority of the nation, ADT can also provide the residents of Idaho, also knwon as the Gem State, with their award-winning service. Get up to $850 worth of FREE* equipment when you order ADT's monitored wireless monitoring security system. Packages start at a mere $36.99/mo. That amounts to about $1 day.

*With $99 Customer Installation Charge and purchase of alarm monitoring services. See Important Terms and Conditions to this offer below.

According to the 2011 FBI Uniform Crime Reports, Idaho, with a population of 822,983, had;

  • 4,303 burglaries, 
  • 354 rapes, and 
  • 24,146 incidents of property crime. 

Such incidents of crime can easily be prevented with the installation of a home security system like that offered by ADT. ADT has 4 monitoring centers located across the country with highly-trained professionals dedicated to being at your service 24/7.

Your ID home has a 1 in 241 chance of getting burglarized this year. That is if you don't have a home security system in place. Having one installed helps prevent one by up to three times, which means the odds decrease to 1 in 723. The unemployment rate in the Gem State stands at 8%, almost the same level as the national average. That means about 123,817 people are jobless. What that also means is that crimes like burglaries won't end because some of those people will want to break into your house and steal from you. The average robbery in ID costs the homeowner about $1,195. With ADT packages starting at about $1 a day, this is equivalent to 33 months of monitoring.

The ADT monitored packages start at $36.99/mo.

An astounding 62% of break-ins in the state of Idaho take place during the day, with the average burglar spending no more than 8-10 minutes in the house. It takes the police between 11 minutes to an hour to respond to 47% of home invasions. This means that the intruder has ample time to rummage through the house and make a clean getaway. If you do not have a burglar alarm on your Idaho property, and you are reading this whilst as work (or away from home), there could very well be an intruder trying to break into your house.

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States that neighbor Idaho include Nevada, Montana, and Washington. In case you relocate to any of them, you can still get help protecting your property from ADT. ADT security systems in Washington, Montana home security, and Nevada home security systems all start at the low $36.99/mo.



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