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When it comes to home security systems (or business) in Connecticut, ADT keeps getting selected. Why ? It won the "Consumer's Digest Best Buy" accolade for its excellence. Having being in business since 1874, ADT offers some of the most affordable, yet highly sophisticated wireless monitoring alarm systems around.

If you don't have a home security system the odds that your Connecticut property will get burglarized stands at 1 in 235. Fortunately, if you have one that figure drops to 1 in 706. Did you know that 50% of all burglaries in the state of Connecticut take place during the day ? Burglars spend an average of 8 minutes going through your belongings, picking whatever pleases them, before making for the exit. The U.S. Department of Justice reports that the average time for law enforcement to respond to 62% of all burglaries in CT is 11 minutes, giving most intruders ample time to enter your house and  make a getaway.

The 2011 FBI Unifrom Crime Reports state that Connecticut has a population of around 2,649,494. The following crime statistics may interest you;

  • There were 11,246 burglaries. 
  • 101 murders, 
  • 452 rapes, and 
  • 70,618 property crimes. 

Had those people who had their properties burglarized installed ADT they probably wouldn't have been victims. For more information on why you should consider getting a wireless home security system for your CT home visit the ADT benefits page.

There are around 274,000 people in the state of Connecticut without a steady income, and they represent about 8% of the total population of the entire state. A good portion of those people are the same ones who will one day break into your house, especially if you do not have ADT installed. 9 out of 10 of convicted burglars stated that they intentionally targeted homes that didn't have home security systems.

Order ADT today by calling 1-877-476-8043 with Promo 35839. It will cost you about $1 a day to help protect your home from intrusion.

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ยนFBI Uniform Crimes Report 2007.


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