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ADT has got California covered.

ADT covers the whole state of California with its state-of-the-art technology. ADT has 4 monitoring centers located nationwide, with the closest one to CA being in the state of Colorado. The advantage of having this is in the unlikely event that one or more of the centers experience a failure of any sort, the others still have the capability to monitor your property.

Having been in the business since the 19th century helping to protect everything from government buildings to private homes, ADT has, and will continue to be, the most-trusted home security company in America. Due to this, mortgage companies may help save you up to 20% off your insurance premium if you have an ADT-monitored home security system installed on your property.

The FBI Uniform Crime Reports of 2012 state that, with a population of 37,554,569¹;

  • California reported 228,857 burglaries ! 
  • and 981,939 incidents of property crime. 

On top of this, there were a reported 6,696 rapes. How can ADT help protect you from a sexual assault ? Just take a moment and think about this for a second. The majority of rapists commit their crimes after having broken into your property, right ? If you do not have a sound home security system like the one offered by ADT, then the chances of such a crime occuring are increased.

The FBI states that for the state of California, the odds of getting your home burglarized are 1 in 162. The odds if you have a sound home security system like ADT's decrease to 1 in 486. Installing a burglar alarm system on your property decreases the odds of your home getting broken into by up to 3 times.

In California, about 42% of all burglaries take place during the day, and burglars spend an average of 8 minutes in your home. It takes law enforcement anywhere from 11 minutes to 1 hour to respond to 47% of home invasions. This gives the majority of burglars ample time to rummage through your house, and make away with whatever it is they desire. The average loss sustained by CA homeowners stands at $2,928. You can help protect your CA property for about $1 a day.

Call a Protect Your Home representative on 1-877-476-8043, and mention Promo Code 35839. This code will get you the equipment FREE*.

*With $99 Customer Installation Charge and purchase of alarm monitoring services. See Important Terms and Conditions to this offer below.

Did you know that ADT can help protect not just the interior of your property but also the perimeter (outside) ? You can also get ADT video surveillance, fire-monitoring equipment, and so much more !

Call 1-877-476-8043 with Promo 35839 to order. Packages start at $36.99/mo.

Moving to any of the nearby states like Arizona, Nevada, or Oregon ? Need ADT services there too ? No problem. For the same $36.99/mo fee you can get home security in Nevada, home security systems in Oregon, and Arizona home security.



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