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ADT has a highly-sophisticated network of Monitoring Centers (4 of them) located throughout the country helping to ensure that your property is protected 24/7/365.  

Fact: Every 14 seconds a US home is burglarized¹, and 60% of these burglaries occur whilst someone is at home. That's pretty high ! Worse still.....38% of all robberies are carried out with a weapon of some sort.

Is ADT helping to protect your property ? Don't take the safety of yourself & your loved ones for granted.

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ADT is virtually 100% certain that the home security systems will help prevent a burglary from occuring on your property. ADT will pay up to $500 of your home insurance deductible to cover any loss incurred in the unlikely event of a break-in whilst the award-winning systems are installed. This is part of the ADT Theft Protection Guarantee (certain restrictions apply).

Fact: ADT has been around since 1874 (That's over 130 years !)

Fact: Every 20 seconds³ somebody's property catches fire in the United States. The property loss (homes) is estimated at $66,000. On top of that, approximately 10 people perish in these infernos, and around 49 suffer fire-related injuries.

ADT Monitored Fire Protection can help protect your property, even if you're not present !

Learn more about the Monitored Fire Protection service from ADT.

What good is a fire-extinguisher or smoke detector if you're not at home ? The Monitored Fire Protection from ADT is on 24/7, helping to ensure full protection for your property. Protect Your Home's intelligent, state-of-the-art system will alert the Monitoring Center in case a fire is detected and immediately alert the relevant authorities on your behalf.

In case of a medical emergency ADT's Companion Service Personal Emergency Response System can help.

Do you, or a member of your family suffer from an ailment that could posibly debilitate you at some point in time ? Do you suffer from heart troubles perhaps ? Or do you suffer from a disability ? What could happen is that you could be at home by yourself and then illness strikes, or you try and go down the stairs and accidentally fall off your wheelchair. What do you do if you cannot reach the phone to dial 911 ?

Enter the ADT Companion Service Personal Emergency Response System. This will allow you to contact a trained ADT professional with the press of a button on the Personal Help Button ! This is worn around the wrist or as a pendant, and with a range of up to 300 feet, it can work even if you were, say, outside.

Perfect for somebody like 'nana'.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas whose excessive inhalation can lead to drowsiness, lightheadedness, and eventually, incapacitation.

In your house this deadly gas can emanate from water pipes, gas stoves, or even the furnace. Remember, it is odorless and colorless, meaning you won't be able to smell it nor see it. Having a carbon monoxide detector monitored by ADT helps to provide protection for your property. An audible alarm will sound, enabling you to go to a safer place (usually outside) in order to avoid the harmful gas.

Protect Your Home also has a device (sensors) that can detect whether certain areas of your house are in danger of getting flooded. They help detect water build-up and alert you.

These sensors can be placed in any place that you feel is likely to be flooded. Visit the packages page to see which one is suited for your needs.

You can also get Freeze Sensors as an upgrade from Protect Your Home. These measure the temperature in certain areas of your house that are possibly prone to freezing (esp. in the winter months) and alert you in time so that you can take action.

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¹FBI Uniform Crime Report.



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