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ADT covers the state of Arizona.

Arizona has a population of 4,174,490 (2011 estimate). Not a small state at all. Lots of people, and amongst all those people are criminals too. Criminals who, one day, could end up breaking into your house if you don't have a monitored security system installed. According to the FBI, your AZ home stands a 1 in 125 chance of being burglarized. Do you have a sound home security system in place ?

ADT has been helping to provide security (and peace of mind) to US government buildings, businesses, and homes alike since 1874 !

Take a look at the FBI Uniform Crimes Report from 2011. During that year;

  • There were 34,187 burglaries (these people probably didn't have ADT)
  • 1,125 rapes were committed, and more importantly,
  • 200,026 property crimes were reported. 

What does this tell you ? Arizona isn't very safe. Every month there are over 4,000 burglaries reported by AZ residents. In fact, the number of home invasions in Arizona is 24% higher than the national average. How do you better protect yourself, your family & loved ones, as well as your property ? By having a reputed security company like ADT install their monitored wireless security system. This system, worth $850, is given to you FREE* ! On top of that you may save up to 20% off your homeowner's insurance. Call 1-877-476-8043 to speak to a Protect Your Home representative right now.

*With $99 Customer Installation Charge and purchase of alarm monitoring services. See Important Terms and Conditions to this offer below.

Getting ADT's wireless home security system for your Arizona property means that you could help make it 3 times less likely to get burglarized. Since it's wireless it also means that there is no likelihood of any wires getting cut before somebody can enter your home.

Almost half (39%) of AZ burglaries take place during the day, a time when most people are at work or school, and an average of $2,738 is lost in every burglary. That is almost 6 years' worth of ADT monitoring fees, since it would cost you a minimum of $443.88/year to help protect your home.

Will you be moving to neighboring California, Utah, or even maybe Nevada ? You can still get ADT there as well. For about $1 a day you can still get home security in California, Utah security systems, as well as ADT home security in Nevada.

Check out the packages here. Pricing starts at a mere $36.99/mo (about $1 day).

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